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New Facebook SCAM, Imposters Trick Users Into Accepting Facebook Friend Requests

facebook, imposter, victim, fake account, help, more than just guidesIt’s common knowledge that some people have multiple accounts on Facebook, that might tempt you into thinking your friend created another account and sent a new friend request, DON’T FALL FOR IT!

Before accepting a friend request on Facebook from someone that is already your friend, confirm the 2nd request is really your friend. It’s easy, send a message to their original account to verify (or you can call call them). One of my friends did this and that is how I discovered my imposter! (Thanks Stevi)

Recently an imposter created an account using my name, profile pic and other information from my REAL Facebook page. Then they went to my friends list and sent friend requests to many of my real friends. Within a couple hours almost 100 of my friends (even my mom and sister) accepted this IMPOSTER as their friend thinking it was me!

A day later, this IMPOSTER showed up on my real page as someone “I might know” and suggested for me to add my IMPOSTER as a friend! How creepy is that?

What did my IMPOSTER have in mind? Nothing good for me or my friends. Maybe the IMPOSTER was planning to:

  • Solicit my friends for money – Imagine if you saw a message on my page “GREG IS IN URGENT NEED OF HELP!!, You might be concerned and reach out to me, or worse yet send money!
  • Spread Viruses and SPAM, through messages from the new me. Remember, my name and picture were used!
  • Or Something WORSE!

If you discover a Facebook imposter, get it removed so your friends don’t become a victim of a much larger SCAM! It’s a few simple steps, follow this link to learn how you get it removed: Remove Imposter It took 3 days for Facebook to close down the IMPOSTER account.

I wrote this article because it almost seems “Common Sense” that we would not add someone to our friends list that is already a friend. Through this experience, I discovered this is not true. I would have added an existing friend to my friends list without thinking about it. YOU MIGHT HAVE TOO!

Please help get the message out to everyone. Without this knowledge, it is easy to fall victim to this type of SCAM. Please Repost and share this message.

If you learned a simple, seemingly “Common Sense” lesson by reading this article like our Facebook Page at More Than Just Guides Facebook.

Greg Czymbor is a technology expert that makes technology simple and is the founder of

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